What is a webinar?

Webinars are events that are broadcasted live online, allowing your audience to view the presentation real-time from any location with an internet or wifi connection. The broadcast can include PowerPoint presentations, polls, chats, and various forms of multimedia, allowing for all the interactivity of an in-person event.

Broadcasting a presentation live allows your audience to attend your event regardless of their geographic location. It also significantly reduces fees that would be associated with travel and provides you with the opportunity to create a recording that can later be sold and/or saved for viewing.

In-person and online webinars

Your webinar can host in-person attendees at Brix Studio as well as an online audience (known as a hybrid event). Should you find your in-person audience is a bit larger than our studio can accommodate, take our webinar expertise on the road! We can travel to support broadcast-only webinars at any other venue with a good internet connection.

Recorded webinars (video production)

At Brix Studio, we can record your webinar or event to create video assets for your organization. The recordings can be sent to those who were unable to make it to the event, or sold on your website for additional revenue. 

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