Our webinar features

Brix Studio webinars boast all the features you could want or need for your event!

Live Webinars

HD audio, video and screen sharing

Choose between standard or high definition audio and video streaming and screen sharing.

No need to download

Make life easier for your participants – with Brix Studio webinars, attendees will not be required to download any software to view your webinar. All they need is Chrome or Firefox and a decent internet connection – they can also view through a mobile app!

Share handouts and presentation files

Upload PDFs, presentations, and any other files in advance of your live event. This makes it easy to share your speaker PowerPoints live, and with the click of a button you can distribute handouts to all attendees.

Play videos live

Simply copy and paste YouTube links or upload mp4 files to play during your webinar.

Unlimited presenters

You may set up presenter access to the webinar platform in advance, or grant attendees presenter access throughout the live event so they may share their mic, camera and files.

Remote presenters

We can host presenters from right here in the studio, or anywhere in the world!

Mobile friendly

Your webinar page will be optimized for every device and screen size, and attendees may also choose to access the event via an app.


Public and private chat

Attendees may send messages to each other or to the moderator throughout the event, giving them all the interactivity of being there in person. The moderator may privately chat with attendees to assist with any technical issues or questions that arise.

Live polling

Capture live feedback or have your attendees answer questions in real time to confirm their understanding of the presentation. We can pre-load your polling questions and answers so they are ready to go on the day!


Allow the audience to type in questions for the speaker. Attendees may view and upvote the questions they most want answered.

Allow attendee mics and cameras

Want to allow your attendees to join in on screen? With our webinar tool you can invite the audience to turn on their cameras and mics and participate live.

Chat transcript available post-event

Keep a record of the online chat transcript – you can even choose to display it on your webinar page after the event for those who would like to refer back to the chat.

Online moderator support

A dedicated member of staff to ensure everything runs smoothly and to troubleshoot any technical issues.

Link to a Twitter hashtag

Link your webinar to a Twitter hashtag for an extra level of engagement. Read and display tweets throughout the live event.

Instant engagement analytics

Once your webinar ends, instantly receive an attendance report that includes details on:

  • who logged in;
  • when they logged in;
  • when they logged out;
  • average time spent viewing the webinar;
  • average time spent engaged with the webinar;
  • poll response rates;
  • questions asked and answered;
  • attendance and engagement by minute;
  • which browsers attendees were using;
  • a full breakdown of engagement for each individual attendee.

The report is particularly helpful if you need to verify attendance for continuing education credits or certificates.

Registration Support

Upload registration lists from your own system

Have your own event registration system? Simply send us your registration list in an Excel file and we can grant attendees access to your webinar.

Automated event reminder emails

Automatically remind registrants about your webinar at specified intervals.

Recording and Post-Production

Record your webinar

We will record your live webinar directly through the webinar software platform, and can also record to our professional cameras for more advanced editing after the event. We offer post-production services ranging from simple clean-up to full editing and professional video creation.

On-demand playback or pay-per-view

After your Brix webinar, you may choose to automatically distribute the recording to all attendees/registrants, or have it available publicly on your dedicated webinar webpage for anyone to access. Alternatively, keep the recording private and sell it online to generate additional revenue from your event.

Video content management

Export your recordings directly to YouTube, Vimeo, and other content management systems.