Vancouver's Premier Virtual Conference Team

When executed professionally, virtual conferences offer a host of benefits for you and your audience. Online events are a great way for organizations to reach a larger audience, reduce venue costs, and eliminate catering and printing expenses (not to mention keeping your guests at a safe social distance!).

Brix Studio partners with you to provide the team and technology to transform your in-person event to the virtual space. We have over 20 years of conference and event planning experience and have been producing webinars for nearly a decade. Our Vancouver-based team is here to provide expertise and support so you can rest assured that your audience will experience a successful, engaging and immersive event. Our team offers:

  • Event Logistics - agenda content, branding material, sponsor recognition, reporting and feedback, remote speaker training and rehearsals, recorded panels.
  • Team & Technology – all the necessary technology and staff to run your conference, day-of tech support team to assist your members, cutting-edge technology to deliver high-quality events.
  • Mobile & Desktop – custom branded mobile app for your event and landing page, we provide a custom-built microsite for your event
  • Streaming – live-streams, recorded sessions, concurrent sessions, and pre-recorded events (tip: recorded conferences are a great revenue stream to offer between events)
  • Presentation – we design and build displays, video frames, and branding to unify your event’s visuals, and highlight your sponsors
  • Interactive sessions – Q&As, handouts, feedback/surveys, file sharing, engagement tracking, sponsor and exhibitor communication

A virtual event can save time and money:

  • No venue rental (often the largest expense for organizers)
  • No time spent looking for a venue (digital environment is created and customized for your needs)
  • No catering expense (huge savings, plus avoid the hassle of organizing menus, seating, dietary restrictions, etc.)
  • No travel expense (presenters speak from home, allowing you to host world-class speakers without the world-class price tag)
  • No set-up or takedown (presenters and exhibitors don’t need to arrive in the early hours of the morning to load in)
  • No printed materials (agendas and presentation materials are all online, saving printing costs – and the headache of last-minute changes – and NO name badges!)

Partner with Brix to take your event virtually everywhere. Our team is here to create your unique event experience, whatever your needs. Call us today at 604-681-0295 or send us an email at!