Why produce an event video?

Video is no longer just an emerging trend, but a necessary form of content to capture your audience's attention. Events provide high-quality content for your audience; typically you have in-demand speakers addressing current and interesting topics. By recording your event as a video, you are killing two birds with one stone – delivering a valuable event experience and producing new web content. The videos can also serve to promote attendance at future events. Or, if your event serves as continuing education, it can be sold online to generate additional revenue.

How can video help me?

  • Increase your web traffic – videos on your website can increase SEO by over 53%!
  • Increase the time spent on your site – captivating content means your audience stays engaged longer
  • Grow online awareness – promote your videos and become the "expert" in your field by utilizing social platforms such as YouTube 

How can I use video?

  • President’s messages
  • “About Us” website introductions
  • Product demos and instructional videos
  • Staff training videos
  • Keynote speakers
  • Online education
  • Promote your event series

What is streaming video?

Today’s internet visitor expects online videos to play immediately after clicking the “play” button - this is called 'streaming'. They do not want to have to download the video before it can be viewed. We can help with this, making the task of incorporating a video into your current website as simple as adding a link on your page. 

Tell me more about pay-per-view video!

With pay-per-view you can use your produced video assets to generate additional revenue. This benefits you and your audience. For example, if you were hosting a live educational webinar presentation, perhaps there were individuals interested in attending who were unable to watch at the scheduled time or did not get the message about the event in time. By offering your presentation to your audience for a fee, your audience gets the knowledge they need and you get an additional revenue stream.  

For pricing on pay-per-view services, please contact us.