Top 3 Ways to Market Your Event

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

So you’ve got a great event planned. The venue is booked, the itinerary and content are set, and now all you need are the attendees! 

Blue Sky Lounge

Community Engagement
By engaging with your community you’re able to spread the word of your event in an organic way. This can be done by attending local gatherings, posting flyers on open boards and submitting your event to community calendars. Be sure to always provide a link to your event page and an email contact for inquiries.

Social Media
Ah social media, the talk of the town. With a third of the world’s population using it on a daily basis, it’s safe to say it plays a vital role in our modern marketing. In this article we’ll focus on the three largest players: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Using Facebook, you can create an event page, outline a clear description and post a link to buy tickets. With Twitter you’ll want to keep it quick and snappy: a brief, well worded description with a link to your event page. Instagram requires a well shot photo or a clear graphic with a written caption instructing how to find your event page. The beauty of social media is it allows other people to share, invite friends and build hype for the event.

Sending an email to your contacts provides a direct link to your audience. It allows anyone with questions a clear point of contact and is easily forwarded to others potential attendees. A key point to note is that the design and look of the email is very important. Luckily, there are multiple free platforms such as Mail Chimp and Constant Contact that provide well designed templates and a built-in customizable send out system.

Here at Brix we provide a fantastic venue, recorded webinars and videography, allowing you to share your event afterwards and have marketable material for the next one! View our Vancouver event venue here

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