The 3 C's that Summarize the Value of Webinars

Friday, February 16, 2018

Webinars are an undeniable value point in businesses today. Webinars are events that are broadcasted live online, allowing your audience to view the presentation in real-time from any location with an internet or Wi-Fi connection. They are a great way to host anything from educational seminars, to company teambuilding workshops.

Here are the 3 C’s that summarize why your organization should be hosting webinar events: 




Communication in any business is the key to moving forward. Whether it is with your colleagues or clients, communicating in an effective and efficient way is extremely valuable. Webinars allow smooth communication in real time, no matter of location. Your speaker can present from far and wide, and your audience is able to view the webinar from anywhere they choose. Afterwards, you are able to download a recording to share (or even sell!). The streamlined online system gives your message a much greater reach compared to a regular meeting or conference.


Connecting to your clients and colleagues is a great way to understand their needs and discover new ways to further your business. Webinars are a simple and effective tool in building these connections. During a webinar you are able to chat live, send out polls, deliver documents and promote products. Attendees can even join in with their own cameras and mics. The level of immediate engagement during a webinar is unlike any other marketing tool. 


Being in the know and up to date with current topics surrounding your industry shows your clients that you are relevant and influential. By hosting a webinar to weigh in on a present topic, you are demonstrating that you understand the industry and people can look to you as a leader. 

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