How to Thrive in Turbulent Times

Monday, March 23, 2020

Everywhere we turn we're being told that these are unprecedented times. From the news, to your family, to your email inbox, everything is reminding us that we are in uncharted territory. A little stressful, isn't it?

However, just because something is new doesn't mean we can't apply experience to help us navigate the murky terrain. Uncertainty is by no means a novel feeling, and the folks at Strategic Coach are particularly aware of this. Their guide "'Scary Times' Success Manual: How To Be A Leader When Times Get Tough" lays out 10 fantastic steps and thought processes to help you process, analyze and thrive in 'scary times'.

Structured on what you should forget and what you should focus on, this is a great read if you want to hone in on what really matters in times of crisis, whether it be focusing on others, acknowledging your progress or centering your attention on today.

These may seem like wholly unprecedented times, but that is only so true. We have decades (even centuries) of experience dealing with 'scary times', so we might as well learn from it.

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