Four Steps to Ace Your Next Event Presentation

Monday, March 5, 2018

Presenting can be a nerve-racking task. There’s a lot to work out and a high amount of pressure. Luckily it’s not hard to turn this task into an easy, fun and effective tool.


Here are our four steps to ace your next presentation:

1)      Write it out
This one seems like a given but you would be surprised how many people go with the “I’ll just wing it” approach and end up flailing to find their words. It doesn’t have to be line by line, but creating a simple outline will bring your presentation together and help you organize your thoughts. To start, list the topics you want to hit with bullet point descriptions and an estimated time you’d like to spend. For example:

Intro – 10 mins

-          Brief bio

-          List of topics

Topic 1 – 15 minutes

-          Key point

-          Key point

-          Key point

Topic 2 – 20 minutes

-          Key point

-          Key point

-          Key point


2)      Practice
Whether it’s in front of a mirror or to a friend, practicing your presentation is key.  Summarizing your topics and going through the motions will help you nail down the timing and feel more prepared. There’s nothing like the nerves before a presentation but practicing will definitely help alleviate them.


3)      Arrive early
 Being at your venue at least 20 minutes early will allow you to run through the tech, work out your stage positioning and feel comfortable in the space. Events can be a hectic time – arriving early will give you room to ensure everything is in place and you’re ready to go.


4)      Connect with your audience
Building a relationship with your audience will help you feel more at ease, plus they’ll be more alert and eager to participate. Building the connection can be as simple as commenting on the weather or the early morning commute –  maybe a joke about the difficulty parking in the area. It doesn’t have to be a huge gesture but acknowledging the audience’s presence before starting your presentation will go a long way.

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