The heart and soul of our venue

At Brix Studio, we pour our heart and soul into everything we do. The vision for the venue was born from the need to offer our existing clients (as a division of Support Services Unlimited) a high-tech solution which would allow them to broadcast their message to the world. As a result, we renovated a space in the building known as the Commercial Block, and the studio became what it is today. 

The venue offers an impressive set of amenities fit for your next seminar, meeting, mingler, or webinar. At Brix Studio we take pride in offering budget-friendly, quality, professional services.

But don't take our word for it. Come and check it out for yourselves! Contact us to arrange for a tour today!

DonnaDonna Denham, Brix Studio Manager and Owner

Donna manages Brix Studio's sales and event planning, using her decades of experience working with both non-profits and for-profits to deliver a range of services. Donna is responsible for helping clients determine their event needs and making recommendations based on available technology infrastructure. Often her recommendations will help clients think out of the box, resulting in more efficient and interactive events than the client was aware they were capable of.